Hello and Welcome - I'm Linda Smith Davis.  

First I want to thank you for visiting! With so many websites out there now, I'm grateful that you took the time to swing by and I hope you enjoy visiting some of the other pages here. 

Linda Smith Davis

As a super quick overview :

Over the course of 30 years, I have been a self employed interior designer and event marketer/planner and stylist who also owned a home and lifestyle retail store for almost 20 of those years. When life gave me lemons by way of several health issues, I decided to make a 180 degree career change and produce New England Fine Living's print magazine, which was on the drawing board for years (literally...  I sold hand-drawn magazines to neighbors as a child and knew one day I would produce the real thing). I have never produced a magazine before nor have I worked for one, but I took on the challenge of creating a magazine that was a little different from the rest and put my childhood dreams to work.  After two years of production and at the height of its success, I decided to put New England Fine Living's print magazine on hold due to personal reasons.  

 So what is a woman to do that has worked 40 - 65 hours a week her whole adult life? Well I am currently focusing on remodeling our newly purchased historic home and I'm putting pen to paper to work on a coffee table book. Since a large part of my past work was helping others market their businesses and products, I am still offering advertising and marketing services through New England Fine Living's social feeds and this website. In my spare time, I love to journal for future articles and take pictures for my book and hopefully the next issue of New England Fine Living magazine. 

I live in New England, Massachusetts to be exact, with very deep ancestral roots to this amazing region (more about that at the bottom of this page).  For most of my life I have been an entrepreneur with only a couple corporate management jobs peppered into my resume (for those who don't know me.... I am not a sit-in-the-office kind of gal). For several decades I have owned and operated an interior design and event styling business that included a brick and mortar lifestyle boutique for 20 years. Not only do I love working with home owners, I enjoy helping other entrepreneurs, corporations, and non-profit groups brand and grow their businesses through consultations, visual presentation, silent marketing, and special events. 

When I'm not working, I'm off enjoying my curated life. What IS a curated life? Well simply put, I choose to focus on adding a daily dose of fine living to my life and I make sure those choices create a feeling of happiness and well-being. For me, it's as-simple-as making the time to decompress by taking a walk or sipping a cup of tea out of a pretty cup, visiting my favorite shops to enjoy the ambiance of their surroundings or picking out a lovely scented soap. Even the simple task of measuring out our morning coffee grounds with a beautiful silver measuring cup is visual eye candy for me. 

It is on these virtual pages where I put a spotlight on New England's beautiful historic properties, home and garden topics, entertaining and holiday ideas, and luxury travel destinations. In a nut shell, I share what makes me happy, which falls in line with my curated life. 

My hope is to inspire others to create and find their personal vision of fine living; whatever that may be - no matter where they live. 

On a side note: New England Fine Living is also a personal journal that shares my husband's and my connection to New England.

Many of our ancestors arrived here in the late 1600's and early 1700's, and were instrumental in founding or settling in many of our favorite quaint New England towns. it has been fun seeing how many towns we have lived in, not knowing our ancestors already lived there before us. Follow along as we travel around eastern New England researching who they were and where they lived. Who knows... I could be writing about some of your ancestors too! Did I mention my husband and I found out we are distant cousins? Imagine our surprise when we compared our ancestry charts and saw that My 8th great grand parents are also my husband's 9th great grandparents along with a few other family connections too. Our children got a bit creeped out when they heard this and realized they are Not only are they Step-Brothers and Step sisters, they are also distant cousins. It's no surprise since New England started with only 3,000 people or so.