Linda Smith Davis

Hello and Welcome - I'm Linda Smith Davis.  

First I want to thank you for visiting! With so many websites out there now, I'm grateful that you took the time to swing by and I hope you enjoy visiting some of the other pages here. 

To keep it as short as possible and not hopefully not bore you:

Over the course of 30 years…. in my early 20’s I was a district sales manager overseeing the sales, training, marketing, and advertising for a multi-million dollar lifestyle company. At the same time I was moonlighting as a retail and commercial visual merchandiser and stylist. After two babies and being laid off twice, I decided it was time to take charge of my own destiny and career. I jumped in two feet first and rented a retail space, received my certificate in interior design and event planning, and became self employed full time. Many years later, when life handed me a bowl full of lemons by way of a car accident, followed by some unrelated major health issues, it made me realize life was short and I still had a few tricks up my sleeve. It was time to make some more magic happen in my life. The first step was to close the store and complete my interior design jobs from home. After a year and a bit more soul searching, I decided it was the perfect time to make a complete career change and follow a childhood dream, and that was to produce New England Fine Living's print magazine. The magazine was on the drawing board for years (literally...  I sold hand-drawn magazines to neighbors as a child and knew one day I would produce the real thing). With a clear vision of what would make New England Fine Living successful and stand out from other local home and lifestyle magazines I rolled up my sleeves, reached for my virtual magic wand, and put my childhood dreams to work.  

As a wife, mother, and step mother of five grown children, and general contractor on our home remodel, I love to keep busy. As I mentioned above, life is too short not to enjoy each and every day, so I strive to create a curated life of happiness with my husband. What’s a curated life? Well simply put, I choose to focus on adding a daily dose of fine living to my life and I make sure those choices create a feeling of happiness and well-being. For me, it's as-simple-as making the time to decompress by taking a walk or sipping a cup of tea out of a pretty cup, visiting my favorite shops to enjoy the ambiance of their surroundings or picking out a lovely scented soap. Even the simple task of measuring out our morning coffee grounds with a beautiful silver measuring cup is visual eye candy for me. 

In a nut shell, New England Fine Living is where I share what makes me happy, with hope to inspire others to create and find their personal vision of fine living, whatever that may be, no matter where they live. 

On a side note: New England Fine Living is also a personal journal that shares my husband's and my connection to New England.

Many of our ancestors arrived here in the late 1600's and early 1700's, and were instrumental in founding or settling in many of our favorite quaint New England towns. it has been fun seeing how many towns we have lived in, not knowing our ancestors already lived there before us. Follow along as we travel around eastern New England researching who they were and where they lived. Who knows... I could be writing about some of your ancestors too! Did I mention my husband and I found out we are distant cousins? Imagine our surprise when we compared our ancestry charts and saw that My 8th great grand parents are also my husband's 9th great grandparents along with a few other family connections too. Our children got a bit creeped out when they heard this and realized they are Not only are they Step-Brothers and Step sisters, they are also distant cousins. It's no surprise since New England started with only 3,000 people or so.