"I am dedicated to delivering an elegant yet approachable upscale magazine that shares ideas, information and inspiration with those looking to create their own personal vision of Fine Living."

Why do I love New England so much?  Well, much of my family line came to the Eastern shores of New England in the 1600 and 1700's and I have been traveling all over New England my whole life.  

Since the early days of dial-up (yes, I just dated myself), I have been harnessing the power of the internet to reach clients and customers worldwide.  I had one of the first luxury lifestyle websites in the country and didn't know that millions of people would visit. I just thought it would be a fun way to share share design, entertaining and travel destinations with clients and customers who signed up for my online newsletter ("You've Got Mail").  That was when I did not understand that others could find my site by searching.  

In 2004 I created a second domain name to my company website and blog and added pages to replace my time consuming and expensive paper newsletter.  The newsletter was several pages on which I shared information about other stores  I liked to visit, places I liked to dine at, decorating ideas, table settings, cocktail and food recipes, luxury travel destinations, etc. Due to the power of Google, the new website and blog was found by PR firms and other businesses wanting to share their information on my site and when I realized what was happening.  Once a PR firm dubbed me as the Fine Living Muse for their clients, With my extensive knowledge in marketing and promotions,  I decided to turn NEFL into a business of its own and become a marketing and branding partner/consultant for other New England companies that I believed in and wanted to help.  

NewEnglandFineLiving.com soon became one of the top visited lifestyle websites on Google. It became the go-to place for those looking to learn more about New England's finer side.  After two years of creating a successful magazine by the same name and seeing that my websites are reaching more readers, I have decided to re-brand my company and return to the online version.  

You are now visiting the new version of New England Fine Living's website. As I travel around New England searching for fine living, simple pleasures and a life well lived, I will be slowly moving information from my old site to this one for your enjoyment.