"I am dedicated to curating and sharing ideas, information and inspiration with those looking to create their own personal vision of Fine Living or a simplified luxury lifestyle."

Meet Linda

Hello and welcome to New England Fine Living.  This is Linda and I'm the voice, curator, and creative force behind NEFL.  I have lived in New England my whole life, as did much of my family line who came to the Eastern shores of New England in the early 1700's.

By trade, I'm an interior designer, party stylist and event planner who also ran a lifestyle retail store. For over 30 years, I have been introducing my clients and customers to other New England business owners due to my passion for helping other entrepreneurs. If that was not enough, I also held my real estate license and flipped several homes.

About New England Fine Living

Since the early days of dial-up (yes, I just dated myself), I have been harnessing the power of the internet to reach clients and customers worldwide. In the 90's,  I unknowingly created one of the first luxury lifestyle websites in the country, with a focus on New England... I just thought it would be a fun way to share share design, entertaining and travel destinations with my clients and customers. 

As a serial entrepreneur, In 2004 the lightbulb started to glow over my head once emails started coming in from all over the world asking me about New England ("You've Got Mail").  Due to this, I created a second website and blog to replace my time consuming and expensive multi-page-newsletter, which was my simple version of a magazine (did I mention I used to hand-draw magazines as a young child and sell them door-to-door?).  It was then that New England Fine Living was born as a separate entity to my design and retail business.  

The Magazine

Over the years, NewEnglandFineLiving.com became one of the top visited lifestyle websites for New England, but I still had a childhood dream to fulfill.  After closing my design studio and retail store, a few lifestyle changes due to health issues, and moving to a new area of Massachusetts, I decided to "start over".  I knew nothing about publishing, but jumped in, both feet first, and created my dream lifestyle publication. I was finally the proud owner and publisher of a beautiful lifestyle magazine that focused on our region and its quintessential New England style homes and historic towns.  After two years of creating a wildly successful magazine, the publication's schedule kept me behind a desk more than I wanted and took me away from what I loved most... being on the road meeting other business owners and taking photos of New England, and I needed to lessen my workload, so I decided it was time to return my attention to this new website and blog and finally enjoy life at a slower pace. Will there be another publication?  I can guarantee you I have something up my sleeve, so stay tuned!   

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