New England Fine Living is a boutique marketing and small business consulting company that introduces a select group of New England home and lifestyle businesses to local consumers, as-well-as readers world wide (perfect for those who share information or sell products online).

For our select community of members, partners and sponsors we love to share their information with others, whether online, networking, or at events. For partners and sponsors, Linda’s role is that of your personal and exclusive brand ambassador.

Every product, service, person, or brand on New England Fine Living has been hand-selected and invited to join our New England Fine Living community. If you feel your product, service, or business would benefit from our niche marketing plan, it fits into our quintessential New England brand vision, and you know our readers will love what you have to offer, we encourage you to apply below. 

What are the benefits of membership? There is more than one reason!

Not only do we share your information online, our office is always getting calls, emails, and direct messages with questions of who to use, where to go, or what to. We first and foremost share our member’s information by guiding consumers to our resource pages and member’s locations and/or or websites.

We host or aid in creating/sharing social events for member networking (some of which consumers are invited to attend too!

Please note: Due to our niche focus and geographic location, we are not able to accept all applicants for membership to the site or future publications.

Linda L. Davis - Founder & Editor

Just a few of the companies I have worked with over the years. 

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Linda has worked with some pretty amazing companies in the past and she would love to discuss working with you too!