Finding Ahalife

 Stow London - Pink Tech Case - photo via ahalife 

Stow London - Pink Tech Case - photo via ahalife 

During a recent web search for luxury brands in New England, I came across AHA or Ahalife which is noted to be "a premier luxury destination" so of course I had to check it out! They are not located in New England, but they are a New England neighbor based out of New York.

What I found was a easy to navigate curated online store of luxury goods created by over 4,000 artisans and designers from all over the world including the pink tech case by Stow (Meghan Markle carries the amber orange one, but I prefer the pink).  The list of luxury products was numerous and impressive with categories such as gifts, home, dining, wellness, jewelry, clothing, pet products and so much more.  I took my search a little further to see if I could find New England luxury brands, artisans or products and there are many. 

One AHAlife search brought up the Boston Bag Company which was founded in 1928. I had the pleasure of seeing this line during an event at the Boston Design Center. Another company I found was Onehundred, founded by father and son team David and Calvin Laituri. What I like about their concept is that they design and produce their products within a 100 mile radius of their Boston office. 

A few other lines that I know of and support are R Murphy Knives, produced one town over from where I live, and of course Crane & Co, a luxury stationery company. 

If you are looking for a luxury products, made by artisans, is a curated online store to check out and I know I too will visit often.