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We’re paying homage to our direct ancestors…

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Design, Decor, and Destinations

If you’re looking for design inspiration or you’re on the hunt for quality products and services to style your home then you’ve come to the right place!

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summer in New England

Summer in New England

These are a few of my favorite things

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New England Travel and Leisure Guide

From historic museums that were once homes, upscale leisure destinations, to five star luxury inns and hotels, New England has it all.

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Endorsed Businesses and Destinations in the historic towns of New England

In a nutshell, endorsed businesses listed in our directory, mentioned in an editorial story, or shown on one of our social feeds are those we would refer to our family or best friends. We figured if we liked it, you might too. Endorsed businesses have either been secretly visited by us, we use or reviewed their product or service, or if they are a member, they passed our private checklist .

Watch for our new logo of endorsement at your local business!

Dr. Journal of Elisha Story

Following in their Footsteps

When I’m not busy working, remodeling our 1834 home, entertaining guests, or traveling around New England searching for fine to luxury products and services to share with you, you will find me in some of New England’s oldest graveyards, towns, and villages.

Why? That’s easy; my husband and I are following in the footsteps of our ancestors. We are touring the coastal towns and country villages they helped settle, visiting the homes they once lived in, seeing where they worked, and learning about their role in history.

This falls under my version of New England Fine Living.


Almost daily, we are busy sharing photos of New England style homes, gardens, destinations, and sometimes my personal shenanigans on Instagram